MunaLuchi Issue No. 30 - Featuring Kevin + Melissa Fredericks

MunaLuchi Issue No. 30 - Featuring Kevin + Melissa Fredericks

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Featuring power couple Kevin and Melissa Fredericks, who are set to celebrate an awe-inspiring 20 years of marriage this coming June 2024.

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Their journey, filled with love, commitment, and shared dreams, is nothing short of remarkable, and we're honored to present an exclusive interview with them that delves deep into their two-decade-long bond.

Our editorial journey for this issue took us behind the scenes of some of the most stylish weddings, engagement sessions, and captivating inspiration shoots. Moreover, we've dived into the future with the 2024 bridal fashion trends, spotlighting esteemed designers like Justin Alexander and Hanifa.

Their insights and creations promise to set the tone for a new era of bridal elegance and innovation. Kevin and Melissa's enduring love story serves as a beacon, illuminating the essence of partnership and dedication. Dive into their interview on page 48 and witness their timeless celebration of love.

For the bride who craves culture and style…

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The name MunaLuchi holds a special place in our hearts.  It is the combination of two African names, which when fused together mean, "Beautiful Work of God"...

Perfectly describing our brides...

The Munaluchi bride is bold, beautiful, worldy...She is witty, vibrant and free.  She loves the finer things in life, and is not afraid to go after what she wants.  She exudes style and grace and is determined to look her very best not just on her wedding day but every day.  She yearns to embrace her culture and seeks inspiration that speaks to her.  She comes in all sizes and shades.  Simply put, she is beautiful no matter what skin she's in.

Our mission is to promote positive images of women of color...because we believe positive imagery is the threshold for confidence...and confidence inspires self love.

We aspire to inspire...